We are running several promotions concurrently.

A. BUNDLE OF 2 DINING CHAIRS AT 20% OFF: Buy a pair of Fleur or Auguste dining chairs, enjoy 20% off for each pair – no discount code is required, simply click add the items to cart and the prices on our online store already reflect the current promotional prices. This applies only if a pair of the same designs is purchased, and not applicable for the purchase of one Fleur and one Auguste dining chair. Promotion is applicable to every pair, and not to the odd number which does not form a pair – so if you are buying 3 Fleur chairs, you may enjoy the discount on 2 of them by clicking on the bundled price for 2, and then buy the third one separately without discount.

B. FREE CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY WITH PURCHASE OF SOFA OR ARMCHAIR: Custom-upholstery is free with every purchase of sofa or armchair. Visit our showroom to select your very own sofa(s) and armchair model(s) from selected customizable models, as well as and fabric/leather upholstery choice(s) from our swatches with both recommended and premium selections. Delivery Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is mid-to-end-October, pending Covid Updates*. Promotion Period: 12th June through 31st July, or while available slots last. All orders are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, in particularly customised items. Please make sure to check the lift size that it fits the sofa in order to ensure delivery to your home.

1. Where discount code is required, you may choose ONE ONLY of the promotions and enter ONE discount code ONLY for any purchase order.

2. Neither promotion may be combined or used concurrently with any other promotion. The promotions are not cumulative. Once you have chosen a promotion, any item that relates to that promotion will not be able to enjoy any other form of discount under another promotion or entitle you to purchase other items at discounted prices under another promotion. For example: - If you purchase display pieces of the selected sofa designs, you will not be eligible for the promotion to buy ready stock rugs at 20% off. If you are 3 items of eligible for the 20% discount, that order will not be eligible for the 10% discount under the other promotion.

3. Our promotions are valid only if you make the relevant purchases in a single purchase order. You will not be able to enjoy the promotion if you split your purchase in different purchase orders.

4. You will only be able to enjoy any promotion by entering the discount code at the time of placing the purchase order. We will not be able to retrospectively apply any discount code after the purchase order is made.

5. Any dollar threshold refers to the Singapore dollars amount payable upon checkout before adding on any applicable GST or delivery fees or shipping charges.

6. Promotions are valid only for ready stock items and do not apply to customisation sofas or rugs that require an indent.

7. These promotions cannot be applied retrospectively to purchase orders made before the launch date of the relevant promotions, regardless of whether deliveries have been made.

8. We may determine the end date of any of these promotions without notice.

9. We reserve the rights to add or amend the terms and conditions of the promotions at any time without notice.


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