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Finn Avenue boasts a wide range of Velvet Sofa & Chesterfield Sofa in Singapore.

The best leather Chesterfield sofas in Singapore: Designers' dream

The terms sofa and couch are thought to come from different origins. The word “sofa” is said to originate from the Arabic term “suffah”, which means a bench that is covered with blankets. On the other hand, the term “couch” is popularly thought to have traced its roots to the Victorian era with French influence. In many countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia or Indonesia, the words couch and sofa are sometimes used interchangeably.

Sofas have come a long way since they became a staple in our living rooms. Previously, sofas consisted of a wood frame with a few detachable cushions. Fast forward to today, there is a broad selection of leather, velvet and fabric upholstered sofas or couches for sale in Singapore to provide consumers with an incredible array of choices. For a country that is known for its hot and humid weather, it is not surprising that many homeowners in Singapore go with a leather sofa as some perceive a leather couch as more compatible with the prevailing temperature. However, for many others, sofas ought to be fabric upholstered – many designers prefer upholstery fabric, as such a sofa or couch gives more character to the home as compared to using cowhides.

At Finn Avenue, we offer the best of both worlds – explore our sophisticated selection of upholstered sofas and leather sofas in Singapore. You can also find a collection of 2 and 3-seater velvet sofas that come in bold hues to increase the visual appeal of your living space. Before Chesterfield sofas grew in popularity around Asia, Finn Avenue was already offering a range of Chesterfield sofas for sale to customers and homeowners who love these products for their beauty and elegance. As leather Chesterfield sofa became more widely available in Singapore, Finn Avenue has modernized the Chesterfield sofa to give it a chic twist by incorporating the sofa with upholstery fabric, leading to the introduction of the renowned Earl of Chesterfield Sofa and Duchess of Chesterfield Sofa. If you are looking for a Chesterfield couch, be sure to check out our Finn Avenue sofas and couches.

Of course, for those who are fans of the timeless silhouette, Finn Avenue offers another variation of leather Chesterfield sofas in Singapore, such as the Furst Leather Chesterfield Sofa that is crafted from top-grain Novillo calf leather from France. What is special about the Furst Leather Chesterfield Sofa is that it is adorned with only French, and occasionally, North American calf leather, which is usually reserved for luxury products – calf leather is valuable due to its softness, durability and fine grain quality.

For those who prefer a modern old-world charm, try the Yorkshire Leather Chesterfield Sofa, 3-Seater, Dark Brown, a distinguished sofa piece suited for any living room. It has a solid hardwood frame, which is kiln dried and covered in top-grain American cowhides. This handsome leather chesterfield 3-seater sofa also comes with brass feet at the front. With its Serpentine spring system, your family and guests can enjoy its medium-firm tufted couch seating, wrapped in beautiful leather luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I change my sofa?

The life of a sofa depends very much on usage.  Some use it for a decade and can’t wait for it to start sagging so that it can be replaced; however, others may find it is time to change a sofa after only a few years or less. If you notice the sofa seats are sagging and no longer providing adequate support, the frame is breaking down or squeaking, or the fabric has become stained and worn, then it is time for you to purchase a new sofa. 

How can I make my sofa last longer?

If you are concerned about your sofa’s condition and want to maintain its quality, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t throw your weight onto it.
  2. Clean any spills immediately.
  3. Avoid eating or drinking on the sofa.
  4. Keep leather sofa away from heat.
  5. Vacuum the sofa regularly using the appropriate attachment tool
Why shouldn’t I sleep on my sofa?

Sleeping regularly on the sofa can result in wear and tear. Depending on the height and weight of the sleeper and their sleeping position, certain parts of the couch could be affected more than the others. If you are sleeping on a fabric-covered sofa, you may be required to clean it more often, which can lead to a reduced lifespan for the furniture.

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