Aleta Marble Gold Side Table, Round

Product Description

Aleta Marble Gold Side Table, Round

Our best-selling marble end table. Accent end table with round white natural marble end table on gold tripod-base legs makes this occasional end table a all-time favorite.

Great as an addition to any space for a laptop or just a simple cuppa. 


    • Accent end table

    • Stainless steel legs

    • Brushed matte gold finish

    • White natural round marble table top

    • Approx 45cm(Diameter) x 55cm(H)


    Before you make a purchase, please understand that marble blocks are products of nature and natural fractures are common but not defects. Marble reaching the market come from mountains that are many years of age and any inherent fractures and crack lines are a part of the natural character of the stone.

    Marble is a product of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. As a natural product they are prone to variations in color, flow, grain, tonality, veining, shade and texture. Natural fractures and crack lines existing in your stone are intrinsic, which actually adds to the beauty, history and charm of the material.

    Fractures and natural crack lines are sometimes treated with liquid epoxy, but only when artisans consider it absolutely necessary, wherever possible, such fractures and crack lines are left in their natural state for its beauty.



    Before you purchase - There are limited pieces left. We suggest you come by the showroom to select your preferred piece. Each piece may have different small flaws and blemishes. These sale items are sold on an "as-is, as-seen-at-showroom" basis.

    If you still prefer to order online, a random piece will be delivered. Please note orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. By ordering, you are deemed to have accepted the piece delivered to you in its "as-is, as-seen-at-showroom" condition.

    $449.00 SGD
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