Side tables are like the supporting players to a leading-lady sofa. They rarely get the glory, yet they're vital in their own low-key way. They can help to give a space a well-rounded, polished look apart from being functional to place your lamps or a perch for drinks and floral arrangements. They also whisper of a homeowner who pays attention to details. 

That said, they can be tough to get right sometimes. They come in many different styles, sizes and finishes. And because you typically need two rather than one, you want to be doubly sure you choose winners. So, to help you find them, we have got 3 essential tips for the perfect side tables. Read on! 


Before you start your hunt, be sure to get the measurements of your bed, sofa or lounge chair that you plan to place the side tables at. You wouldn't want the pairing to be disproportionate. 

Height, in particular, is one of the key factors to have a heads up on. You would aim to have your side tables to be lower or in the same height as your armrest. Simply for the comfort of reaching out for things on it without bumping your hand or to place a stylish lamp at the perfect height. See our guide for picking the perfect lamp for your interior! 

No armrest? Pretend that you are reaching out for a glass from the table to determine if it is of a comfortable height. 


Looking to tuck a small side table to boost functionality points, try one that can tuck to your couch or a nesting set! They are especially great when you have guests over and need more table space in the living room or for an engaging layering visual effect. 

For small clutter, drawers sure come in handy! 


Round and oval tables are pretty much fail-proof. They add another shape to a room that typically has a lot of rectangular pieces, like a sofa, coffee table and chairs. 

Clean lines and shapes balance out the accompanying furniture's softness. Some smart choices: glass, acrylic, metal and wood without much carving. 

If your furniture is modern, you can go with something more ornate.

Just make sure they fall in step with the height and scale guidelines above so that they are conversation pieces rather than nuisances. 

Find your pair of winners from our collection here!

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