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August and unassumingly outstanding, Nolie & Finn brings you into a different world of your own.  Its stately design belies the luxurious comfort each furniture piece brings to your daily life.  From structure to fabric, every scrupulous effort is made to give you the best you deserve.

Nolie & Finn combine premium raw materials and precious craftsmanship to create top-of-the-range furniture.

Nolie & Finn source their raw materials with utmost pride.  For example, in order to provide both durability and adaptability, the designers choose for their furniture wood of the European beech logged from forests in France. The wood of the European beech is well known for its beauty, grace, and usefulness in the manufacture of high-end furniture, and its property of adaptability allows wood artisans to demonstrate their carpentry skills in creating hand-carved and handcrafted furniture.

No ordinary leather is used at Nolie & Finn.  Whether it is cowhide or calfskin or hair-on-hide, Nolie & Finn use only high quality raw materials imported from Italy.  Much of the variety used at Nolie & Finn comprises full grain leather i.e. hides that have not been sanded, buffed, and snuffed, preserving its natural softness for your ultimate luxury and comfort.

Where fabric is used, Nolie & Finn spare no effort in ensuring that only high quality fabrics made in western European countries such as Belgium, Spain etc are applied onto their furniture.

Nolie & Finn understand the importance of craftsmanship.  These raw materials are then shipped to countries where traditional craftsmanship is practised to ensure all furniture is handcrafted, hand-painted, and hand-carved.

Nolie & Finn represents extraordinary beauty, lavishness, opulence, and unassuming splendour.

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