How do you refresh your living room?


How do you refresh your living room?

Now that we have all been travelling or dining out, it does not mean that we should let our living room look old and tired. Without spending a great deal of dollars, it is possible to give yourself a living room that you deserve.

Here are 8 ways of re-creating your living room within a decent budget:

1. Re-arranging your living room furniture

This is by far the most cost effective way of re-creating your living room – because it is almost free; oh well, it is free in terms of dollars, but will take some talent and efforts. You will be amazed how much it will give your living room a great new look.

2. Changing out your home décor

Depending on whether your preferences, it is always good to have new home décor to complement the mood of the seasons. Even decorative flowers come in different colors and styles – some suit the summer, others look better during winter. You can even scent up the space by looking for home diffusers that you may find enticing to your senses. Placing some marble trays or trinket boxes will add to the aura of the living space too.

3. De-clutter your living room

After a long period of not tidying up, most people find that the living room becomes a storage for all sorts of things that belong elsewhere. A parcel here, a book there, and a broken i-Phone, or lots of old magazines. Clear the clutter and your mind will be instantly refreshed.

4. Add a new side table or an armchair

Some living room deserves a new side table or an armchair. This is not always just for the aesthetics but serves the functions of helping different members of the family relax together. For example, some may be watching TV whilst having a meal, whilst another person can simultaneously read a book while sipping a cup of tea.

5. Send your carpet rug for a professional clean

May be all it takes is to clean your rug! After some long period of use, rugs or carpets can get old and tired, both in terms of the look and the dull scent. If you are up for it, you can clean it yourself – it does take a lot of effort and you need some space to properly clean it. However, these days, there is also a lot of service providers who are able to do so for you.

6. Place some cushions on your sofa

This is another cost effective way of lightening up your living room. All you need is to place some beautiful throw cushions. All you need is probably two or three velvet cushions of color that you love.

7. Hang some wall art or decorative mirrors

If you are not a fan of painting, try some elegant wall art or even a decorative mirror. Lots of offerings these days that allow you to use a mirror as a home décor piece, with geometric designs or stainless steel frames.

8. Change out your sofa

Well, here comes to most expensive method – change out the sofa if you can afford it. Typical household changes out its sofa in 3-5 years depending on the usage and how frequently you will like to feel all afresh. But trust me, it is worth the money you spend on it! Try a curved sofa or a Chesterfield sofa for a new look.


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