Stories Gold Magazine Rack, Rectangular

Product Description

Stories Gold Magazine Rack, Rectangular

Unlike traditional bookshelves, this eye-catching gold magazine rack is both a minimalist-styled book rack and a fashionable decor.

Assuming a literary role, this unique book rack can work cleverly as a book shelf decor, photograph and special art display in the living room, or as an organizer for place mats and coasters at the dining area.

Lined architectural structure with artsy geometric gold lines creates an attractive transparency that allows you to see the covers of your magazines or records.

Measuring 25.4 x 17.5 x 21.1cm, this freestanding gold decor rack is a slim option that can easily creates visual interest beside a sofa or armchair.


  • Attractive transparency allows clutter-free organization of magazines, records or literary displays in any living space

  • Ideal for book shelf and coffee table decor purposes

  • Great gift for any occasion

  • Available in 2 minimalist designs


Product Details

  • Size: Approx. 25.4 x 17.5 x 21.1cm

  • Shape: Rectangular, wire-lined

  • Product Type: Decorative Rack, Decor Sculpture

  • Material: Iron

  • Care: Wipe dry only with soft cloth



$49.00 SGD

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