Midnight Sparks - Battery Powered Fairy Lights [5-metre]

Product Description

Midnight Sparks - Battery Powered Fairy Lights [5-metre]

These tiny tear drop-shaped LED bulbs cast a warm glow, like stars in the dark of night. Leave a little trail of sparkle to every corner that calls for magical accents.

Copper Wire & LED Bulbs (Amber Lights) in 5 metres

Comes in Apple Pie Box, 13.5cm (L) x 6.5cm (W) x 3cm (H). Bell Jar not included.

When Eileen was a little girl riding at the back of her mother's car, she had always dreamed of bottling all the glittering stars in a big glass jar. She would imagine how the stars would quietly tango amongst themselves, casting a warm enchanting glow, and how the walls and ceilings become a canvas for endless gazing against the dark of night. Midnight Sparks was born with the intention to bring a good dose of sparkles into our lives, and to revive those gold old dreams of hers.

Christmas Promo Price $24 . RRP $30 . Less 20%
$24.00 SGD

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