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Intricately hand-crafted, Mother-of-Pearl inlay is framed using duo stainless steel frames. This showcases a unique 3-dimensional effect of the wall mirror, making it look more vivid and stunningly beautiful in your living space.
Cartier Gold Mirror, Modern Art Deco Design Handcrafted Sculpture Wall Art.

Cartier Round Gold Sculpture Mirror, Handcrafted

Wall Mirror

$ 1,290 SGD $ 1,890 SGD
Rachelle Rose Wall Mirror, A beautiful piece of Modern Art Deco Wall Art Mirror, vintage hand painted champagne gold frames and hand cut mirror pieces by artisans.

Rachelle Rose Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

$ 799 SGD
Christophe Gold Greek Wall Mirror. Polished gold mirror with greek key details on each edge of mirror.

Christophe Gold Greek Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

$ 539 SGD
Luxury Wall Mirror and Wall Art Decor for Grand Entrance Decor.

Cartier Oval Gold Sculpture Mirror, Handcrafted

Wall Mirror

$ 1,090 SGD $ 1,690 SGD
Circles of Life Wall Mirror, hand crafted and carved piece of beautiful mirror and frame. It is hand-finished in an understated vintage gold-leaf gold finish.

Circles of Life Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

$ 569 SGD
One of the most beautiful wall mirrors that serves wonderfully also as wall decor art. Vintage details line the entire understated champagne distressed frame that replicates the luxurious feel and nostalgia of old Hollywood glamor.

Hermes Vintage Wall Mirror, Medium

Wall Mirror

$ 699 SGD
Geometric paradox is a large wall mirror with geometric cubes on hand carved solid wood frame.

Geometric Paradox Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

$ 799 SGD
Geometric Wall Mirror Gold with Cut-mirror Design.

Desiree Gold Geometric Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

$ 494 SGD $ 549 SGD
Full Length Wall Mirror with Vintage Details.

Hermes Vintage Wall Mirror, Large

Wall Mirror

$ 1,390 SGD
Hedvige Curved Wall Mirror, A beautiful piece of decorative mirror that 'wows' anyone who lays eyes on it. Intricate sides showcases its feminine side. Perfect as a dresser mirror or decorative wall mirror.

Hedvige Handcarved Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

$ 599 SGD


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Ever heard of the philosophy of mirrors? The great Greek philosopher Socrates urged young people to look at themselves in mirrors so that, if they were beautiful, they would become worthy of their beauty. Mirrors are made of a different variety of materials; in ancient history, even a pool of water can be used as a mirror. Today, decorative wall mirrors are an essential part of modern homes, particularly in the living rooms. This is especially useful in cities such as Malaysia where space is constrained. Mirrors can also be used in front of a dressing table or a dresser, such as the Tradition Reinterpreted Handcarved Wall Mirror or the Simple Perfection Mirror. It is also the love of interior designers and interior styling enthusiasts to hang unique mirror designs such as the Geometric Paradox Handcarved Mirror or the Circles of Life Hand-carved Mirror on the wall in the living room. And if you have a corridor or a hallway, then you may want to consider the stylish Hermes Wall Mirror. There is no place in the apartment that will not stand out better with having a handsomely handcarved mirror hung on the wall, or simply left leaning against the wall. Mirrors reflect the best of your living room or bedroom, and if you have accent furniture pieces, they look even more outstanding when your guests can see them in multiple perspectives in the mirrors. Mirror, mirror, show me what I dream.

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