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Buy mirrored furniture online Malaysia

Mirrors are traditionally used to reflect light in a way that preserves the detailed physical characteristics of the rays. Needless to say, they are perfect for personal grooming and self-admiration. In today’s world of interior design, mirrored furniture has gained the absolute privilege of adorning the living room, corridors, and bedroom spaces. If you are one of the increasingly large communities of homeowners who buy mirrors online, Finn Avenue offers a wide range of beautiful mirrors and mirror furniture that are elegant in their design and durable in their quality.

If you are looking for cabinets that are not only functional, we bring to you our Iberian-Moroccan Mirrored Cabinet, an entirely handcrafted trellis chest that features solid wood on the frame and legs, moisture-resistant silver mirrored glass and hand-painted in the copper-gold finish. This is suitable for storage of your well-loved household articles and can be placed in your foyer, at the end of a corridor, or anywhere in your living room. Other products that come adorned with beautifully and gently reflective mirrors include side tables, bedside tables, chest of drawers, tallboys with multiple drawers, etc.

A few essential tips when you buy mirrored furniture online: look for quality products, e.g., where mirrors are made to be moisture resistant or where handcrafted glass is created by artisans allowing bevelling that gives the furniture piece beauty that is bespoke, and choose a design that will bring out the feel of the design that you have in mind for your homes, e.g., modern Parisian, Venetian, Baroque, Victorian or simply contemporary.

Be it rectangular, round, or irregularly shaped mirrors, Finn Avenue offers a wide selection of handcrafted mirrors that will enhance the look of your design, especially where you wish to multiply the spatial characteristics of any section of your layout. For example, many have used Greek Symmetry Handcarved Wall Mirror as a backdrop behind a Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table, both of which can be found on our online store and also displayed in our Malaysia showroom.

Look no further if you are looking to buy mirrored furniture such as mirrored console tables, mirrored side tables, mirrored coffee tables, mirrored nightstands, or simply decorative wall mirrors or any furniture that comes with well-beveled or clean-cut mirrors; you are at the right place. Let us dazzle you with something you will surely love as your own!


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