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Striking the perfect balance between style and comfort – armchairs, otherwise known as lounge chairs, are the ideal furniture pieces that can immediately create a cozy environment in the space they are placed at. Highlight your home like never before with an armchair from Finn Avenue, Singapore’s extensive range of modern luxe armchairs. 

Available in a wide variety of colors, features, sizes, and styles, our armchairs are available at both our online store as well as physical showroom.

Accentuate Your Home With Armchairs

Armchairs have always exuded an appealing atmosphere. Armchairs are the epitome of comfort and style built into a single seat – ideal for individuals who might prefer to sit on their own, away from the stray knees and elbows of others. They are not as wide as a sofa but are not as formal and stiff as a dining chair. Finn Avenue features armchairs for every style, taste, and mood, from modern vintage to contemporary luxe styles, without losing the most crucial factor: comfort.

Breathtaking designs

At Finn Avenue, we prioritize comfort while never sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of our armchairs. Every armchair has its own distinct personality! Whether you buy an armchair that is colorful and contrasting to serve as your home’s focal point or a classy set with neutral tones for a nostalgic atmosphere, Finn Avenue has got an armchair that will suit your seating needs.

Exceptionally versatile

Depending on the type and colorway of the armchair, it can either blend smoothly with your existing décor style or act as a focal point for the living space. Leather armchairs add an atmosphere of richness to the space, while a velvet armchair creates a soft vibe that is suitable if you are going for a back-to-nature vibe. Whatever design choice you select, Finn Avenue has the ideal armchair to match your current décor set-up.

As relaxing as sofas

Armchairs may not be as spacious as sofas, but they make up for them in terms of comfort. An armchair is a perfect area for a brief nap, resting, watching television, reading, and other activities. Simply add a pouf or ottoman to raise your feet and a cushion to support your back, and you will have a cozy retreat in no time.

Buy the best armchairs money can buy in Singapore at Finn Avenue, and complete your living space with one of our selections. Browse our extensive range of armchairs at our online store today!

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