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One of the most beautiful wall mirrors that serves wonderfully also as wall decor art. Vintage details line the entire understated champagne distressed frame that replicates the luxurious feel and nostalgia of old Hollywood glamor.

Hermes Vanity Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

RM2,451.00 MYR
Marbled trays with White peony Snow Flower bundle.

Decorative Peony Snow Flower, White

Decorative Flowers & Blooms

RM64.00 MYR
Alchemy Mirror console table, vanity table, table and stool set in Singapore with a modern luxury look.

Alchemy Vanity Dressing Table Set

Dressing Table

From RM3,503.00 MYR RM3,822.00 MYR
Bordeaux Luxury Silky Rug, showcases shades of soft cyan, deep jewels, red grapes, terracotta, and warm white neutrals in organic abstract watercolour design.

Bordeaux Luxury Silky Rug, 2 sizes


From RM1,613.00 MYR RM1,964.00 MYR
Marcella mirrored vanity set, features 5 drawer storage space for your cosmetics and skincare products, store everything in one place for the ultimate beauty experience.

Marcella Vanity Dressing Table Set

Dressing Table

RM6,626.00 MYR
Mid Century Accent Chair for Modern Home Design Decor Ideas.

Abbey Tufted Accent Chair, Ivory Cream

Accent Chair

RM1,995.00 MYR
Bodhi Jewelry Box in Mystic Blue, small and large size.

Bodhi Jewelry Box, Mystic Blue, 2 Sizes

Trinket Boxes

From RM123.00 MYR
Abbey Dressing Table Chair, Pastel Pink.

Abbey Tufted Accent Chair, Blush Pink

Accent Chair

RM1,995.00 MYR
Hedvige Curved Wall Mirror, A beautiful piece of decorative mirror that 'wows' anyone who lays eyes on it. Intricate sides showcases its feminine side. Perfect as a dresser mirror or decorative wall mirror.

Hedvige Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

RM1,890.00 MYR RM2,100.00 MYR
Delicately textured with variegated weaving densities, the Lucien rug portrays a series of textured parallel lines drawn in varying density to create a sophisticated yet animated appeal.

Lucien Luxury Silky Rug, 3 sizes


From RM1,718.00 MYR RM2,419.00 MYR
The Gian vase comes in two sizes and is Perfect for entrance decor with a bunch of flowers.

Gian Glass Vase, 2 Sizes

Vases & Jars

From RM127.00 MYR RM197.00 MYR

Dreaming of the Perfect Fairy-tale Vanity Dressing Set?

Bring home a beautiful timeless Vanity Set that makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. Our beautiful hand-crafted dressing table gives a touch of Victorian flare that makes you feel like a princess each time you get ready for the day.

Continue to create the ultimate glam experience and add a gorgeous accent stool or a wall mirror that matches your personality. Finally, keep your space clutter free by placing a tray or a beautiful trinket box to accessorize the whole look.

Feeling like royalty has never felt closer than with our Mirrored Vanity Dressers.


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